Zombies of Zombiewood Pines Love Chili

Apparently the haters still hate and are STILL in denial of the truth… Zombies Love Chili. This is a fact that is repeatedly proven but, there are some that cannot accept the truth.

Josh of Zombiewood Pines:”At last year’s Zombiewood Pines Chili Cook-Off, our community walked away with two realizations: One, zombies love chili, as we all saw when a horde of thirty appeared and ran right past the attendees of the event, to attack the spicy, meaty goodness of the contestants. And, two, we have some great cooks in our town!”

Is there any doubt remaining? Not only do Zombies love chili but they are also fantastic chili cooks!

The chili-loving zombies of Zombiewood Pines even offer a delicious sounding Texas Chili recipe – Mr. Maysles’s Skull-Splitting Texas Chili.

Living in denial about Zombies loving chili must make it hard for some to sleep at night.

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