Zombies Love Chili

Time and time again, it is clearly documented in the archives that Zombies prefer Chili to brains but media propaganda and movies will not let these myths die. These preposterous claims that Zombies hate chili are causing uproar and civil unrest in the Zombie community worldwide. Zombies are demanding justice for these wrongs against their noble culture and demanding more chili, lots of chili, because Zombies really love chili.

Some would have you believe that Zombies Hate Chili, but this foolish lot has their own disgraceful agenda. They seek nothing more than misleading those who seek the REAL Truth about Zombies.

Zombies are uniting and their unity in the Love of chili is now more powerful than ever, it really can’t be stopped because there is nothing that can stand in the way of a Zombie getting the chili they love so dearly. The Zombie Chili Fund, ZCF, is proudly defending Zombies and their true love of chili and are accepting donations in support of the cause. Their mission is to raise social awareness regarding the truth about the deep, deep love that all Zombies have for Chili. Spicy chili, sweet chili, chili dogs, chili con carne, chili sauce, Texas chili, chilly willy, and basically everything Chili, which is what Zombies really love, not brains.

The ZCF is accepting donations to help Zombies in need and need your help! Donation accepted: Chili and cash, preferably cash but chili is fine. All donations to the ZCF are not tax deductible, if you would like to help support Zombies and their undying love of Chili, please contact the ZCF and donate today. Contact Us.

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