Zombie Facts

There are many myths about Zombies, Zombies Love Chili are the only authoritative Zombie experts in existence. Other sources with claims of Zombie facts, such as Zombies Hate Chili, are nothing more than anti-Zombie hate groups that work to harm the image of the modern zombie.

Facts about Zombies:

#1   Zombies Love Chili more than anything

#2  Zombies love Texas Pete

#3  Zombies do not like Tabasco Sauce

#4  Zombies hate mayonnaise

#5  Zombies hate not having enough chili

#6  Zombies only eat brains when there is a shortage of chili

#7  Zombies absolutely do not hate chili

#8  Zombies do not like The Walking Dead

#9  Zombies are dead

#10 Zombies can come back to life if their love for chili is strong enough

#11  Zombies farts smell bad because of the chili they eat

#12  Zombies don’t have to shower

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