Where’s the logic?

There are many root causes for zombie misconceptions in the world today, this post on is a perfect example of ignorance which results in distortion of truth.

The claim that people SOME people dislike chili and therefore one can “logically” deduce that Zombies would not like chili is absurd. What about the billions of people that do like chili as compared to the two individuals that don’t like it?

The reference article is hardly a credible source for zombie facts, an example to support of dislike of chili “I hate it cos it hurts my mouth and it takes away the taste of the food.“. I would not call that grounds to base a logical determination on the subject.

A better title for the promoting post would be “ZOMBIE LOGIC: People hate != Zombie Hate”.

Let’s take a step back and get the facts straight, namely anyone claiming Zombies Hate Chili, is obviously off the mark to begin with but let’s humor the argument.

A.  Zombies are not people, they used to be people but have since evolved into a more intelligent and beautiful form.

B.  Brains do not contain the nutritional value that growing Zombies need to stay healthy and fit, not to mention the lack of flavor

3.  Zombies only eat brains when there is no chili readily available.

Why these false claims of Zombies preferring brains? Jealousy and discrimination. There are humans that would like nothing more than to totally eradicate the entire Zombie population, they gain support in their mission by spreading hateful lies about Zombies.

Do zombies love chili? YES!

Do zombies hate chili? NO!

Why do zombies love chili? Because chili is delicious and they love it, it’s a fact of nature that we cannot change. Why is the sky blue, why is water wet, what keeps the moon from flying away? – because things are the way they are.

Who thinks zombies hate chili? People who are uninformed and ignorant of the facts or choose to not believe the truth about zombies and chili.

People claiming Zombies Hate Chili = Zombie Haters + Chili Haters

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