Ultimate Common Sense Zombie Defense

Common Sense Zombie Defense, The Ultimate Guide to Zombie Protective Gear

Simple, yet effective, the ultimate defense against zombie attacks is personal zombie protective gear or PZPG. Movies and television always seem to focus on the strategy of building a protective fortress of sorts to barricade themselves from flesh-eating fiends, also known as zombies or the walking dead. This is repeatedly proven to be a bad idea. By the end of this short article, you will understand the fundamental flaws with this zombie defense tactic and know more about the common sense approach to zombie defense.

The only truly effective defense against zombie infection from attack is to prevent the zombies from biting you. One technique, demonstrated in an episode of The Walking Dead, breaking out a zombie’s teeth, is effective on one or two zombies but will not work on a zombie horde. Think about the big picture, potentially thousands of zombies, trying to bite any exposed area of your body… now prevent it.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you need to be prepared, if follow this zombie defense guide and your chances of surviving a zombie attack are nearly 100%.

Preventing a Zombie bite

Protect all areas of your body from a zombie bite, plain and simple!

Personal Zombie Protective Gear Revealed

There are mainstream occupations that utilize PPG that could be effective at preventing a zombie bite, though most are not practical. An example of this would be a shark diver’s chainmail suit, sure you wouldn’t get bitten but your movement is hampered and these suits are not a dime a dozen.

Zombie Shark Suit

Let’s keep it real, we need to be practical and realistic to really be prepared to protect ourselves from zombie attack.

We told you at the beginning of this article, personal zombie protection is SIMPLE and protective gear is readily available and affordable. Those of us who are motorcycle enthusiasts, probably have a complete zombie defense suit and didn’t even realize it!

Zombie Motorcycle Suit

A Kevlar motorcycle riding suit can prevent your body from becoming hamburger in a 100 mph motorcycle spill, it can certainly stop some fragile, rotten zombie teeth from taking a bite out of you.

Zombie Protection Areas:


The full-face motorcycle helmet will protect your head, face, ears, etc. from being chewed on by any zombies.

Zombie Helmet

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The Kevlar armored motorcycle riding suit will protect can protect the majority of your body from being bitten by a zombie.

Zombie Riding Suit

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Many motorcycle riding suits also have some armor plating on the arms and the thick material can stop most zombie bites. (The exception may be a zombie with braces on their teeth, which may be able to puncture the sleeves).

Protective motorcycle gauntlet style gloves can also add to arm protection against a bite. (Shop Fpr: Motorcycle Riding Gloves)


Armored motorcycle gauntlet gloves are very effective at protecting hands and finders against a zombie bite. Many of these gloves also have hardened Kevlar knuckle plating which can also be used as a hand-to-hand zombie weapon.

Motorcycle Glove Zombie Defense

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Motorcycle riding pants or one-piece motorcycle riding suit will provide protection for your legs. Many motorcycle leg coverings will have armor plating in key areas, such as knees and hips and are also made out of durable zombie bite resistant material.

Armored motorcycle pants protect legs

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Motorcycle riding boots will protect your feet from zombie bites and also serve as close quarter zombie defense weapons. Some boots have armor plating and can easily be modified to make them a more formidable zombie offensive weapon.

Armored Motorcycle Boots

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Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, be a survivor. You most likely already have an Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit prepared, make sure to have your personal zombie protective gear in that kit.

Remember to never store your Zombie Defense Suit in close proximity to chili products because Zombies Love Chili.

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