How much proof is necessary to prove fact?

This photo is not an isolated occurance, Zombies are often seen wearing attire to represent their true love, chili.

Where is the proof that Zombies hate chili? There is an abundance of proof of the opposite, zombies in fact do love chili.

Those that argue FACT are not reasonable or rational people. The credibility of their claims of hatred of chili are based on speculation and personal biases, not fact.

We are each entitled to our own opinion but when opinion is presented as truth, it must be challenged. Those who wish to be sheep and ignore fact, proof and truth can feel free to believe what they see in movies, TV series or sites like, but be aware you are being misled by false Zombie information.

Zombies Love Chili, it is a simple truth.

Where do these so called “Zombie Facts” from tv, movies and the likes of this site come from? The come from someone’s imagination, if you want the truth, ask a real zombie. Zombies are not what they are protrayed as in the media, nor are they what some imagine them to be. They are just about like you or I, except they are undead. Not all Zombies are what they are by choice so to blame Zombies as a whole is doing a great injustice to the Zombie race as a whole and must be stopped.

Back on point, how much proof must be presented before the stereotypical zombie notions can be set aside and you can start to look beyond the hard candy shell and into the creamy chocolate center of those that we call zombies? Those scandalous few that wish to cut down the zombie and turn them into monsters will stop at nothing to do so. Their efforts to take the chili out of the Zombie is thier attempt to demonize the Zombie as chili is a natural spiritual healer. Should these scoundrels accept the Zombie for what they are, basically undead lovers of chili, it will keep them up at night knowing that someone is different than themselves.


Ask yourself what is right, believe what is right, do what is right, believe the truth, Zombies Love Chili.

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