Have scientists discovered the origins of zombies?

Is it really possible that scientists have discovered where zombies came from? This article from claims to have discovered the origins of the modern zombie. They seem to be taking an interesting approach in identifying the history of zombies and how zombies came to be and are using investigative and research techniques in their studies that appear to be original.

Zombie Reference  Origins of Zombies

      by Zombie Reference

Sometimes the most valuable scientific discoveries come unexpectedly and from unlikely places.

Odontologists play a vital role in the study of bite marks, these studies have led to ground-breaking discoveries and insights into the origins of zombies.

Advanced dental modeling, combined with genetic research on existing zombie specimen has led to a profound new understanding of the origins or zombies and modern zombies as we know them. This extensive research is part of an ongoing study being conducted globally by Zombie Reference in attempt to unlock the mysteries of the zombie and to specifically address the public fears due to recent zombie media attention.

Zombie Reference is the first scientific foundation to begin such an investigative undertaking and they are shocking the scientific community worldwide with their breakthrough zombie discoveries and new zombie theories.

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