Zombies Love Chili exists for one reason only, to share Zombie facts with the world on behalf of our Zombie supporters. We have the respect and following of billions, possibly hundreds of Zombies and non-Zombies alike. Zombies trust us because we speak for Zombies, people trust us because we know Zombies.

Where can you find real zombie facts? ZombiesLoveChili.com

Who are the definitive zombie experts? We are

Who is leading the world in zombie apocalypse prevention? We are

Haters want to hate: Although we are the only authority on Zombie facts in existence, we have received threats and challenges regarding Zombie facts. One such hate group, ZombiesHateChili.com speaks out against everything Zombies stand for, namely chili and loving it long time. Zombies hate chili do not have the support of the Zombie community and their only mission statement is to mask the real truths about Zombies.

Zombies Love Chili are esteemed members of the following Zombie Activist groups and have countless individual supporters and celebrities because we are the only Zombie Fact Resource.


  • Zombie Chili Fund (ZCF)
  • Unified Zombie Alliance (UZA)
  • International Order of Zombies (IOZ)
  • The Brotherhood of Zombie Wookies
  • New World Chili Order




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