Ultimate Common Sense Zombie Defense

Zombie Motorcycle Suit

Simple, yet effective, the ultimate defense against zombie attacks is personal zombie protective gear or PZPG. Movies and television always seem to focus on the strategy of building a protective fortress of sorts to barricade themselves from flesh-eating fiends, also known as zombies or the walking dead.


Have scientists discovered the origins of zombies?

Zombie Reference

Is it really possible that scientists have discovered where zombies came from? This article from claims to have discovered the origins of the modern zombie. They seem to be taking an interesting approach in identifying the history of zombies and how zombies came to be and are using investigative and research techniques in their studies that appear to be original.


Zombie Tea


Protect yourself from Zombie Flu, attract zombies and maybe even treat early symptoms of Zombie Flu with this recipe for Zombie Tea. Zombie tea is delicious and is also chocked full of essential vitamins and minerals to help get your day started or help you stay healthy and strong. Zombie tea is all natural and […]


Zombie Chili Recipe

Zombie Chili on SparklingZombie. Although this chili is named Zombie Chili, Zombie love chili regardless of its name. This recipe is especially delicious and appealing to both humans and zombies. If you are a disbeliever that Zombies love Chili, perhaps you should check out this Zombie Chili recipe for yourself.


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